Felines are human companions, and many people love to have a cat in their home. Now as part of technological advancement, we can have everything on the screens of our smartphones and tablets. The latest buzz is about digital cats that are selling like hot cakes among blockchain traders, where one can buy and sell virtual cats to other people by quoting a cryptocurrency price. This type of virtual cat transaction game can sound insignificant, but it is now real, and people have started to take over digital cats on a large scale after cryptocurrencies proved to have some higher value and utility than other types of digital money.

Virtual cats over cryptocurrencies:

The blockchain trading method is being mixed up with people’s love for having cute cats over the internet. These cute digital or virtual cats are available in the name of Cryptokitties, and since their launch that happened during November, the overall volume of this particular digital market of virtual cats has boomed. Even people who were not aware of cryptocurrencies started to learn about it after they were tempted to purchase cute little digital kittens online. It’s still unbelievable that the game hit the 7 million US dollar mark by selling digital cats in the form of a game to cryptocurrency traders and users.

Trading the virtual cats:

The transactions on every other digital cat can be done using cryptocurrency like dragonchain and much more. By paying with the required amount of cryptocurrency, the users can buy their favorite cats over the platform or even from other players. One can even hold two different kitten breeds, play with them online, and then sell over to other traders for a profit. The gameplay with digital cats is unique, which has made cat lovers on the internet invest a lot over the past few months.

The rare ones:

Every virtual cat purchased from Cryptokitties shall possess some unique traits. These kinds of characteristics are valuable and people who own them usually get an opportunity to sell them for a considerable amount of cryptocurrency in a short amount of time. This type of trading shall create a new wave in the market, and people shall experience high trade volumes and invest more cryptocurrency in finding kittens with rare traits. The search for unique types of virtual cats makes the overall game a fun-filled hunt.

Creating a celebrity virtual kitten family:

You can find celebrities within the kitten family, who enjoy high demand and, hence, command more money. For example, Kitten number 23 had initially been traded for about 4,000 US dollars last month. After making multiple trades of this particular digital cat in the last five days, the current asking rate of the cat is about 106,000 US dollars, and nobody can predict where the price is heading. This kind of hike happens when people make use of this particular platform by pumping large volumes of money to become the owners of digital cats that can sell at a whopping price amount shortly and make a significant profit beyond imagination.

Blockchain technology on virtual games:

The digital cat games have great graphics that can attract people at first sight itself. Moreover, it has been introducing the blockchain technology to millions of people through their application, which might be a good or bad thing, depending upon the future of blockchain technology.

With higher demand, the digital cats made it to the news and got described as the first application to sell out virtual cats through non-coin related transactions through blockchain technology. Following them, other big companies in the gaming world might adapt to the blockchain currency transaction in the upcoming months.

Owning the digital cat:

As the entire gameplay depends on using a cryptocurrency platform, and there is no central entity to manage the game, every digital cat a user purchases through the platform shall have the absolute right on their asset – the virtual cat. On other games, where digital cats are sold through fiat money transactions, the virtual cats are deleted if the website decides to shut down. But with Cryptokitties, the kittens live forever until you decide to sell them.

About fifteen percent of the overall cryptocurrency trading on the internet is happening for digital cat transactions. People are more interested in buying digital cats not only for their cuteness but for the fact that they shall own them and even sell them out for a reasonable price in a few months of time and thus be making a significant profit.

Digital cat auction:

In short, these digital cats are sold in an auction where they are listed based on their price rate and the users get to choose the ones that are affordable for them. Once they have acquired them, the buyer can again bring them back to auction and charge more; the digital cat can sell for a hefty price. The auction has a time limit, and if a user has decided to buy your virtual cat after the time limit ends, then you can receive excellent cryptocurrency returns.

Breeding the digital cats:

Other than selling the kittens, one can even reproduce them by looking out for other breeders on the same platform. One needs to pay some cryptocurrency to breed the digital cat to create a family. The entire breeding process happens anywhere within an hour to a week. Depending on the breeding time, they can sell for a higher price.

Every time a digital cat has obtained the ability to breed, they increase the generation count by one. This can continue to increase and it’s up to the owner of the digital cat to either sell them quickly or wait until they create a number of breeds that can be auctioned at the same time for a large amount of money.

The game is full of fun, and it is also the best way to invest cryptocurrencies, as people are about to own something for the very first time through this particular platform. It is a fact that the Cryptokitties market is expanding to an exponential level, and, on average, most of the unique virtual cats are changing hands for more than twelve thousand dollars. The beauty of virtual cats is the blockchain technology used for the creation and transaction. Hence there is no chance of a botched deal as it works on a completely decentralized program and no developer can manipulate the virtual cat.

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