Now, more than ever, cryptocurrency is a subject of great importance to investors, government institutions, companies, and most people. Believe it or not, coin investment is still not being utilized to its maximum potential due to a lack of virtual currency knowledge. If people took the time to learn more about what cryptocurrency can do for them, a strong investment portfolio or financial freedom can become much more of a reality. It is not the easiest of topics to digest; but, since anyone can do it, so can you.

Keeping an eye out on which coins prove to have the most potential to skyrocket in 2018 can be an arduous task. Based on past data and expectations on how various coin values react to the market, the closer you can come to a decision when researching on which cryptocurrencies you might want to capitalize on.

While there are many cryptocurrency options with varying behaviours to choose from, these three coins have been selected for various reasons too. Although they differ, they possess one similar quality – projected market capitalization. Knowing that these coins have a high chance of continuing to do well is powerful, so take this list and run with it.


The coin to prominently headline the news for the past year, Bitcoin is still going to be the prodigy coin in 2018. According to AtoZForex, “Bitcoin now is trading at $12,027.30, while its market capitalization stands at $201,116,445,373. In fact, this year Bitcoin has risen in value 1,000% year-to-date”, which is a downright incredible influx to say the least. People have been flocking to get their share in Bitcoin for a very good reason – this coin is helping pioneer virtual currency in today’s day and age, while providing a large return on investment as it continues to grow into next year.

Rightfully due, a thanks to Bitcoin miners resonates throughout the world. Without the dedication of computer-generated mining, new, secure Bitcoins could not be possible.  In a digital world, Bitcoin needs to be kept protected as well. If you have not yet already, studying up on how to secure your Bitcoin safely in cold, hot, or physical wallets are something you should strongly consider before following through with your Bitcoin investment.


Much of our lives have been unfolding out online in recent years. Social media coupled with email accounts for a vast amount of personal data. Fallen into the wrong hands, personal data online can be debilitating to one’s life. Furthermore, when money is involved, security measures are chiefly needed to combat online crime. That is why anonymity is crucial selling point of Bitcoin. It helps provide a safer, more secure web experience for all, by randomizing information during a transaction. The involved parties’ information is difficult to trace after every deal.

While Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, has taken a step away from centralized banking, it is not to say it can be dealt with all over the globe. In Bolivia, Ecuador, Vietnam, Iceland, and Taiwan, cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is illegal. In China, it is illegal for banking institutions to take part in its virtual economy, but allowable for individuals to buy and sell with the coins.

It is clear that Bitcoin is not going anywhere – its force is growing greater every week. Although this is great for the near future, keep in mind it may not always be paving a path with such intensity in the long-term. It still is a volatile coin in a quickly changing world. However, for 2018, Bitcoin nevertheless is posed to keep its resilient stride in motion.


It can be said that Litecoin is the improved offspring of Bitcoin. Some challenges within Bitcoin were brought to the light and transformed. This turned Litecoin into a faster, user-friendlier coin than its forerunner. It does not have the ample amount of popularity Bitcoin has, but Litecoin definitely has some serious potential to takeoff in a similar fashion. “One should start considering investing in Litecoin is that it is massively undervalued relative to Bitcoin, and in this undervaluation lies massive opportunity”, says Alex Y. on his post about Litecoin at It is known as the dark horse of cryptocurrencies currently, so take a hold of it this upcoming year.

All Litecoin really needs is to have its name spread and be heard more to gain traction in comparison to Bitcoin’s success. Good thing Charlie Lee, former Google employee, is spearheading the marketing of Litecoin by sharing as much as he can through social media platforms.  This includes sharing with users and potential users what it is capable of, and specifically how it is solving the problems that its predecessor presented.  Targeting the ones late to join the cryptocurrency party, Litecoin offers novice miners the chance to solo mine because the Bitcoin wagon has been well on its way – only accommodating for mining groups to prosper nowadays.

The Lightning Network by Charlie Lee for Litecoin has increased the speed of virtual transactions tremendously. This part of the user experience is vital for the attractiveness of using cryptocurrency. Download speeds are imperative in the digital world, and if a site, platform, or coin is fast, it will get rewarded. Enlightened change such as this positively contributes to the ever-evolving online space. Litecoin serving up quick transactions must break out in 2018 because of the human desire for instant gratification. If someone could get what he or she wants faster, then why wouldn’t they?

Coinbase is known as the most popular cryptocurrency exchange on the web today. When only Bitcoin was used widely, Coinbase offered only Bitcoin of course. But, with the recent rise of alternative coins, Litecoin can be purchased directly from Coinbase and similar exchanges. This is important to use in popularity because users do not need to buy BTC first, and then buy Litecoin. Instead, they can directly buy Litecoin for their needs. This proves to be a game changer in terms of a rising market value and recognition to mine it too.


This emerging currency to lookout for next year is not only a coin, but also is a systematic platform that provides instantaneous transactions between users. Ripple brings a double-header value to the table. Why is this essential to becoming a particularly popular cryptocurrency? This ensures yet another layer of anonymity – jumbled coins plus a platform without record is quite lucrative for keeping your information truly your own. Known the XRP coin on the market, this coin is already a part of Ripple itself – so when you purchase through its platform, value is automatically given in XRP.

Starting in 2012, the group that created Ripple is known for the birth of one of the cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Well-designed and practical, Ripple and XRP is predicted to catching a powerful wave. RippleCoinNews stated in the recent Ripple XRP Price Prediction For 2018 post, “If you want to invest in Ripple, XRP as a long-term investment that you would like to hold for years to come… If you want to invest in XRP for quick gains within a few months to a year, it seems promising. In 2018, it is expected to see a sharp upsurge in prices. It is projected to cross the one-dollar mark at the very least. If you are a day trader, XRP’s trading volume should grow as well. With increased trading activity, fluctuation in prices will be seen as well.” Of course, the value is XRP is much less than the forerunning coins in the scene of cryptocurrencies, but it proves to provide a much-needed steady hand in an unstable online world.

Transferring cash to any cryptocurrency platform could be a pain. But, Ripple is both effective and secure – branding it as the desired platform to participate with cryptocurrency in. In other words, its approval as an anonymous “bank” is a major selling point to increase its usage in 2018. Their method is known as Interledger Protocol Platforms – an industry accepted approach to safely designate money through a protected passage, and ultimately end up in Ripple’s coin haven.

While Ripple may not have boasted over-the-top increases recently, compared to the competition, or is projected to do so, a solid jolt in the green in 2018 and a steady increase throughout years to come can be expected.


The future of online trading is unfolding to be more and more cryptocurrency based. Study up, apply your learning, and you could find yourself with great crypto investments in 2018. Obviously, make sure of your personal safety before committing to anything. There is no shame being cautious online – it is only a educated way of going about implementing coin research.

Every coin is unique to what it offers and it proposes to in the future. Progression is key to every successful virtual currency – especially the three among this list. Their creators all deeply care about the coins’ future well being and are doing everything in their power to see them succeed. Justly so, efforts to market and publicize these coins are paying off in dividends now. Wait until 2018 and the snowball effect will really kick into high gear, surging coin values through the roof.


XRP along with Ripple, Litecoin and the Lightning Network, and Bitcoin are coins to be reckoned with next year. Expect sharp increases among all three currencies along with bustling online communities being fortified with advice and tips to share. Keep in mind, the use of cryptocurrencies are still relatively in their infancy. Much advancement technologically and innovatively is underway and will continue to shape the crypto playing field further.

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